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We are so happy to let you know that Kemi has received her activity chair.

Kemi loves it and enjoys performing many activities on it like coloring, reading, watching shows, etc. It has also helped me taking care of her easier. I am able to move her easily to various parts of our unit.Thank you again for the funding and to the people who donate to this organization, we do appreciate it. I have attached a picture of Kemi using her activity chair.


Today we picked up Nathan’s new pair of hearing aids!

Nathan was born with moderately-Severe hearing loss in both ears and has been wearing hearing aids since he was five months old. We’ve always struggled with having him keep them in. He never wanted to wear them and would take them out any chance he had. Technology has now improved to the point where he was able to trial a pair that sits inside his ear canals-and boy, have they been a game changer! He’s so much more comfortable and happy, he leaves them completely alone and he can hear much better now too.Thank you so much for your generosity in granting us with some money to help with the costs of these new hearing aids for Nathan. We really appreciate it!


"We can’t begin to thank you enough"

“Your philanthropy for people who sometimes don’t have the same start as others or have a voice to speak their needs because they’re nonverbal is overwhelmingly heartwarming and has left a giant footprint on my families heart. Not many people like to give people chances especially to those who live with disabilities, but what they don’t realize is we’re all more alike than we are different and the fact that human kindness still lives in our society gives us hope that going forward me and my family will be able to do the same thing for another families through your charity for the love of a child with our own donations.We can’t begin to thank you enough for having the confidence, commitment and philanthropy in Owen along his journey to being able to walk”

All our love Kim and Owen Schiafone